Therapy sessions during COVID19

We are offering both in-person and online telehealth therapy sessions beginning June 22, 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic.

For online sessions:

Schedule online as usual; when scheduling choose “video session” in the office location option.

You will receive an email or text (depending on your set preferences) reminder from Simple Practice before your session with the link to the session. The link opens directly to our session on a laptop or desktop. If you’d like to use a tablet or phone you will need the SimplePractice Telehealth app. It is very easy to download and has no setup otherwise.

For In-person sessions:

Schedule online as usual, when scheduling choose “North Boulder Counseling” in the office location option.

  • Have you been sick or exposed? If you or anyone in your house or recent contact has been sick in the past 2 weeks, please reschedule for an online session. To be safe we would ask that any type of illness prompt an online session, not only symptoms known to be related to the COVID19 illness.
  • Wait outside the building until the prompt start time of your appointment to help minimize waiting room overlap.
  • Wear a mask into our building and throughout the session. This is the current Colorado requirement for mental health sessions. When this requirement is lifted, we will move to masks off once we’re in our chairs.
  • Contactless payments: if you do not already have a card on file please make sure to set that up to minimize contact.
  • Wash your hands. There will be hand sanitizer by the front door of the building in addition to the bathroom soap.

What we are doing in the office:

  • The counseling office has been rearranged to make the chairs 6 feet apart toe to toe
  • HEPA air filter has been placed between client chairs both for filtration and to pull air flow down.
  • Cleaning door knobs and other ‘high touch’ surfaces regularly throughout the day.
  • Staggering visits to limit waiting room contact and occupancy

If you have any concerns about your safety or the safety of others relative to in person sessions we ask that you always err on the side of caution and continue to use telehealth sessions.