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Parenting Support in Boulder, CO

Parenting is one of the most effective ways to highlight both your strengths and your limitations. It can easily become a huge source of growth or a massive source of stress. And let’s face it, it’s often both. Our therapists are parents themselves and so they understand the reality of day to day parenting. We are also masters-level therapists with far more training than most parents ever get. So, we are able to skirt the line between being realistic about what we can do as parents, and elevating our insights to have more impact on our children.

But, with the word trauma becoming mainstream, there are also some misconceptions about what it is. Let’s clear it up.

Trauma occurs when you have an experience that is so big, confusing, painful, or threatening, that you can not make sense of it all at once. When this happens, your brain does a really good job of keeping you safe from the danger it feels. It does this by compartmentalizing what you’ve experienced. This means your brain puts the memories of the event(s)  into ‘storage’ in your brain and body because it’s too hard to deal with. Trauma is not simply a bad experience, it goes deeper than that. Trauma transcends time. No matter how long ago a trauma happened, you may become triggered by memories of what happened. Then, you will find that you go back to feeling just like you did in that awful time right now in your current day, even if what is happening now doesn’t totally match what happened then.

Counseling for Men in Boulder, CO

There’s no denying that. There are some seriously high expectations put on you. It doesn’t matter what you do with your kids, “you’re not doing something.” It’s an uphill battle. Almost simultaneously, they can spend too much or not enough time outside. They can have too many sweets but not enough sweets. They should be reading books every second of the day, but also should consume other kinds of media so they’re “well-rounded.” Truly, there’s no winning. But, you’re not alone. Parenting support can help.

Many of the symptoms of stress and anxiety overlap like:

  • Confused
  • Hurting
  • Angry
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Exhausted
  • Desperate
  • Hopeful but unclear where to start?


We thought so.

If you are worried about your kids and your parenting, you are not alone. This is why we offer parenting support in Boulder, CO.

We Can Help You Feel More Confident In Your Parenting

What You Will Gain From Our Expert Parenting Support

We can’t change the expectations of others, but we can help you to help you become the best parent that you can be. Every family is different, so there are often many factors that influence your experience. But, with our work together for parenting support, we can help you:

  • Raise more resilient children
  • Foster your child’s well being
  • Balance boundaries with love and support
  • Clarify what the ‘best’ approach is in a difficult situation
  • Communicate difficult topics clearly
  • Navigate conflict and preserve relationships
  • Build Life-Long Connection with Your Child

Worry Less About Your Child

Other Ways We Offer Parenting Support in Boulder, CO

We may also work together on general parenting or your parent-child relationship. This is common with adolescents. Where there is distance, conflict, or change that has made the need reconnect clear. We are very good at helping teens and their parents stay in a relationship through the tough stuff, allowing both parties to feel loved and a sense of dignity inside of clear boundaries and communication.

Our Role In Providing Parenting Support

Our counselors will work with you and your children to come up with solutions that make sense for your family. In addition, our counselors will take into consideration all the dynamics that are having an impact on your situation. And, we’re not just talking about family dynamics. We know that school, work, friendships, relationships with families, and a laundry list of other factors impact your family. And, while we can’t change all of these extraneous circumstances, we can give you a few tools that will help you navigate life as a co-parent.

Parenting Support Can Help Your Family Succeed

When you’re at your best, your family is at it’s best. We can help you get there. No, we won’t tell you that your family is doing things wrong. And, we won’t tell you how your family “should be.” But, we can help your family be the best version it can be. By receiving support as parents, you can learn the skills to nurture yourself and your family.

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There are a lot of expectations put on you and we realize that’s tough to manage. Luckily, we’re here to help. Through counseling for men, we can help navigate these expectations while reaching your goals and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. When you’re ready to begin counseling in Boulder, CO, follow these steps:

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  2. Learn more about our therapists and counseling for men.
  3. Feel the kind of happiness you’ve always wanted to feel.

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