Integrated Prosperity: Private Practice Business Coaching
You were made for Counseling.
You are ready for Private Practice.

It is time to integrate your calling with prosperity.


Learning to Build Your Dream Private Practice By Working With A Private Practice Consultant Is Worth It.

The Return on Investment Is exponential.

Create Wealth
and Do Good in the World.

Counselors want to make money. Having a financially sound private practice makes that practice sustainable. This allows us to take vacations and have a life that allows us to keep doing the work we love for a long time to come.
The work you do as a therapist is valuable to the world and is worthy of compensation. In most cases, it changes people’s trajectory in life. That is worth something. When done in an effective way, therapy changes people’s lives forever. We don’t usually learn much of anything in grad school about making money as a therapist. But, I know how to do it! I am so happy to offer business coaching for therapists so that you can keep doing what you love. Together, we will maximize your impact as a therapist by learning to avoid burnout.
Given the mainstream trajectory, you will get burned out and still underpaid in ten years. I assume you don’t intend to make that your plan. The world needs you. Let me help you make a real business plan. One grounded in experience, financial planning, and creating wealth.


“When you Know You were made for this you can’t do anything else.”

You Don't Have to Build a Private Practice Alone

A theme I’ve seen when providing business coaching is people having unrealistic expectations of their private practice. Many times, therapists start a private practice and think their ideal clients will just show up because they hung their sign out.
Instead, they hope that if they are good enough at therapy, in time people will realize it and show up all of a sudden. This is NOT how it works. I would love to help you make a grounded plan for prosperity & success. One dedicated to helping humanity while ensuring your security, well-being, and financial future.

“Create something inspired, sustainable and prosperous.”

How Business Coaching For Therapists with Gen Can Help.

Gen Morley built her own private practice and then moved on to build a thriving group practice. You may be looking to build a solo practice or group practice. In either case, Gen will help you build an inspired, grounded, and prosperous practice to support your best life.

1. A Comprehensive Private Practice Building Checklist

You’re ready to build your private practice, but you’re not sure where to start. When you begin business coaching with Gen, you’ll receive a comprehensive checklist for starting and expanding your practice. There are A LOT of nuts and bolts to start a private practice. Let me track them for you and make sure you don’t miss a foundational piece. Like many things in life, a piece that’s missing in the past can come back to haunt us.

2. Managing finances and building wealth with private practice coaching for therapists.

You want to make money. Real money. You want to build wealth and impact your future with your wealth. All while improving the lives of others.
This is not something most therapists and Counselors talk about. Wealth and Private Practice can support each other. But, this can only happen only if you are confident while engaging in that goal. I can help you to manage finances, set rates, and build a stable practice capable of creating wealth for you.

3. Attract Your Ideal Clients

You do your best work as a clinician when you’re seeing the clients you most enjoy working with. Through participating in business coaching, you will begin attracting ideal clients to your practice so you can see the clients you love seeing. I believe your practice should overflow with the clients you love seeing. The people you could see all day and not get tired. As a business coach, I can help you develop your niche and get clear on who exactly your ideal client is. And, where you’re going to find them.

4. Marketing, Branding & SEO

This may sound like an advanced part of private practice that you don’t have to manage until you’re bigger. But, it will actually be something you’re building front the second you step into this. Marketing and branding are present in so many choices you will make. This includes everything from the name of your practice to the font on your business cards. You are communicating to your clients what they can expect from you. I can help you know what you NEED to pay attention to and where you might need a specialist and what is fluff you can skip.

BootStrap it or Done for Your private practice

You may have more time than money at this point in your process. Or, you know that having someone skilled doing the work is worth the money and you have it. Either way, I can guide you to great resources for bootstrapping your way through the set-up steps. Or, I’ll be happy to connect you with folks who can do it for you and make it all pretty.

Is Private Practice Coaching Necessary?

As a private practice business coach, I’m familiar with the market. The private practice market is competitive and success relies on navigating many factors. As a private practice consultant, I can help you create a strong and reliable business model. I also have a wide breadth of professional experience from mental health agency work to specialized therapy skills. Furthermore, I have a huge depth of knowledge on building a BOSS private practice from the ground up.

What Separates Me As A Private Practice Consultant

I am glad you’re here. I’ve already done this and created a thriving group practice. I can save you time and money and I can help you dream bigger and get an even bigger dream than you think you can have. As an experienced business coach, I’ve had time to make big mistakes and find the shortcuts. When you begin business coaching, you’re paying to skip to pitfalls and roundabout ways of growing your private practice. I will share with you the specific logistics of building a private practice in an efficient way. Right down to the forms you will need and financial planning systems. These skills are invaluable to therapists hoping to start their own private practice. Anyone can hang a shingle out as a private practice. But, not everyone can birth something inspiring and supportive to their community. You can have the practice you dream of and the financial security you will need to keep it going.

Your Private Practice Clients are Waiting.

I can not wait to hear your vision and help you give it roots.

Begin Private Practice Coaching with A Private Practice Consultant

You deserve a successful private practice where you can share your skills with the clients who need it. It is possible to do the work you were made to do, help people and be financially successful.  If you’re ready to take that next step, it’s time to start working with a private practice consultant at North Boulder Counseling.
I would love to help you grow as a therapistIf you are ready to ingrate your calling to help others with the prosperity of running a successful practice, follow these simple steps:
  1. Explain that you’re ready to start Consulting and Request an appointment with me (Gen Morley)
  2. Begin private practice business coaching and learn how to grow your private practice!

Other Services Offered at North Boulder Counseling

I’m not just a business coach. I am on a mission to help others. I love supporting therapists follow their dreams and also offer clinical supervision for new therapists in Colorado.
In addition to supporting new therapists, I actively see counseling clients myself and run a group practice in Boulder, CO counseling center. At that practice, our therapists offer individual counseling, therapy & coaching as help for a wide range of mental health concerns. These include perinatal mental health, parent coaching, grief counseling, trauma treatment & more. Other services offered include therapy for anxietydepressionmindfulnesseating disordersteens, menwomen, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Lastly, we offer an intensive anxiety treatment program. In addition to offering therapy services in person, our therapists offer online therapy in Colorado as well!
If you’re looking to refer a client or have questions, please feel free to contact our counseling practice today or visit our blog for more helpful information!