Parent Coaching

You find that you lose your patience sometimes.
Typically, you don’t think of yourself as short-tempered.
But, it seems like actions are speaking louder than your words
You often feel like you’re at a loss of what to do.
You don’t have to handle this alone.

Parent Coaching is the Solution you’ve been looking for.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is a response to the fact that parenting can be unimaginably confusing and hard.
When coaching parents, our counselors work with the parents either alone or as part of a play therapy program.

How is Parent Coaching Different Than Regular Counseling?

Unlike regular counseling, parent coaching focuses solely on the relationship the parent has with their child as well as the child’s behaviors. The goal of parent coaching is to understand family dynamics and how they’re contributing to conflict and identify better solutions for both the parent and the child.

In coaching, we take advantage of the power of the parent’s deep bond with their child and their experiences parenting their child. Our therapists will work with you to create a custom program for supporting the child in a life of less resistance and more satisfaction.

Should My Child Come to Sessions Too?

At North Boulder Counseling we do work with the whole family. We recommend that your child be seeing us while you are also doing parent coaching although that is not the only way we work with parents. It can be very valuable for the same clinician to get to know your child while they are also working with you. This helps your therapist thoroughly understand your child and the dynamics in the family when supporting you.

The Versatility of Parent Coaching

Parent coaching can be used to improve many different family dynamics and give parents the support that they need. Through our work together in parent coaching, our therapists can teach you the skills to strengthen the bond between you and your child. The best part about this approach? There is no requirement of relation.

Parenting Coaching and Support for Co-Parents

We work with cooperative parents to make a complimentary parenting plan. Parent coaching for parents who are no longer in the same households, but want to work together to continue to be excellent parents is really beneficial. Our therapists understand the emotions surrounding divorce and co-parenting. We can help you and your Ex navigate these challenges to ensure your children’s best interests are being met.

Divorced parents that have children of all ages in Colorado have come to us to mitigate the potential for fall from their divorce, so their children can cope with this transition effectively. It also helps ex’s look into the future to see the real possibilities of successfully parenting from two households. 

Benefits of Parent Coaching for Co-Parents

There can be some real advantages to raising children in two different households. We can help you capitalize on those possibilities. When parents share custody, each parent gets regular alone time that parents rarely get when they share a home. This alone can bolster each parent’s capacity for peak parenting. Children benefit from parents who have filled their ‘tank’ and are emotionally available to spend time with them. This is just one of many examples that show there is huge possibility for goodness to arise after a separation or divorce

Let us help you and your Ex find harmony while co-parenting

Parent Coaching for Blended Families

Bringing two families together is a gorgeous and complicated opportunity. Our skilled therapists will help you and the other parent/s involved create a cohesive and cooperative vision of family that is stable, fun, and loving. 

As you may already be seeing, one plus one equals far more than two. Especially when we are talking about bringing two families together. Our team is here to help you get your head and your heart around important the angles of both caring for your biological children and your stepchildren. We will also support you and your spouse as you learn to navigate the new blended parenting dynamics between biological and step-parents. 

Figuring Out Roles With Parent Coaching

Your therapist can help you figure out how you and your partner would like to parent each other’s biological children, house rules, family rules, and how you would like to navigate relationships between the new stepsiblings. You can come in at any point. If you are thinking about blending your families we can help you set the stage for the best outcomes. If you’ve merged your families a while back, but now see some room for improvement we can help with that too. Our counseling center is located in Boulder, CO but we offer online Parent Coaching throughout Colorado.

Today to Bring Your Blended Family Closer

What we do not do:

Mediation: Formal mediation is a different skill set than the cooperative parent coaching we offer. 

High Conflict Parent Support: We only work with parents who can sit together and talk openly about what’s going on

We DO NOT offer custody assesments, parenting assesments, or custody recommendations as we are not a legal centered agency and do not specialize in any kind of assessments for the courts or custody processes.

Begin Parent Coaching in Boulder, CO

Parenting is tough, and sometimes you need some guidance. Luckily, we can help. Through our work together in parent coaching, we can help you and your family navigate the challenges. When you’re ready to begin your journey with parent coaching in Boulder, CO, follow these steps:

  1. Contact our therapy center.
  2. Learn more about our therapists.
  3. Create a plan to reach your goals for your family

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