Children's Counseling: Discover Healing and Hope at North Boulder Counseling

Hello, and welcome to North Boulder Counseling, where your child's well-being is our top priority. We understand that growing up comes with its share of challenges, and that's why our team of caring therapists is here to provide specialized counseling just for children. Our physical offices are in Boulder, Colorado and we are able to serve families virtually throughout Arizona and Hawaii. We're dedicated to helping children and their families find healing, growth and joy.

How is Therapy for Children Different from Adult Therapy?

Child specific therapy is a special kind of support that’s all about helping kids understand their feelings, cope with challenges, and build the skills they need to navigate life. Our therapists at North Boulder Counseling are experts in helping children work through their unique struggles in a safe and welcoming environment. We use different approaches, like talking, playing, and creating art, to help children express themselves in ways that feel right for them.

What Kind of Problems Can Counseling Help With?

Counseling can help with a wide range of challenges that children might face. Here are a few examples:
  1. Dealing with Big Feelings: Sometimes, children can feel overwhelmed by their emotions. Our therapists can help kids understand their feelings, learn healthy ways to manage them, and feel more in control.
  2. Friendships and Social Skills: Making friends and getting along with others can be tough. Our counselors can offer guidance on how to communicate, cooperate, and build positive relationships.
  3. Anxiety and Stress: Kids can feel anxious or stressed for many reasons. We can teach them techniques to calm down, manage worries, and feel more confident.
  4. Family Changes: If your family is going through changes like divorce or moving, counseling can help children understand their feelings and adjust to new situations.
  5. School Challenges: School can be challenging. Whether it’s homework stress, trouble concentrating, or feeling overwhelmed, our therapists can provide strategies to make school feel more manageable.
  6. Coping with Loss: Children may experience loss or grief, which can be really tough. Our counselors can help them process their feelings and find healthy ways to cope.
  7. Identity formation and Self Awareness: A key piece of young life is to understand our value, our morals and how we fit in in the world.

How Can Therapy Help Kids?

When you choose North Boulder Counseling for your child, you’re choosing a path to positive change and growth. Here are some of the great things that can happen through children’s counseling:
  1. Stronger Self-Confidence: As children learn new skills and strategies, they often become more confident in themselves and their abilities.
  2. Better Communication: Our therapists can teach children how to express themselves in healthy ways, which can lead to improved communication with family, friends, and teachers.
  3. Healthier Coping: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by challenges, children can learn how to handle them in positive and healthy ways.
  4. Improved Relationships: Counseling can help children develop empathy and understand other people’s feelings, leading to better relationships.
  5. Emotional Understanding: Children can gain a better understanding of their own emotions and how to manage them, leading to a more balanced and peaceful life.
  6. Resilience: With the skills learned in counseling, children become more resilient, which means they’re better able to bounce back from setbacks.

Getting Started with North Boulder Counseling

If you’re ready to help your child thrive, North Boulder Counseling is here to support you. Our caring therapists are experienced in working with children and families, and they’re ready to help your child face challenges and discover their strengths.


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