Therapy for Teens & Adolescence


We can help you raise a resilient teen.

You are concerned that your teen may be anxious or depressed.
You’re worried about your teen’s self-esteem and you wonder if they respond well to peer pressure.
Your child isn’t performing well in school and this worries you.
You don’t care for your teen’s friends, or you worry about them not having any friends.
You feel like you’re losing your child and wonder if there is something more you could do to support your child.

Teenage Anxiety:

Young adults who participate in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) groups often report several positive outcomes. While individual experiences may vary, here are some common positive outcomes that young adults have reported after engaging in DBT group therapy:

Symptoms of teen anxiety:

Teenage Depression:

Like anxiety, teenage depression is very common. Research shows that depression affects 1-5 teens. Depression looks different from teen to teen, but common teen depression symptoms include:

Does my child need teen counseling?

“Normal” teen behavior versus concerning behaviors

Normal Teen behavior or signs your teen is growing and changing

Concerning Teen behavior or signs your teen may be struggling

Depression and Anxiety Commonly Show Up Together in Teens

Depression and anxiety commonly appear together. For example, a common cycle begins with stress and worry (anxiety). This moves to near-constant tension. It’s followed by a fall or dip in mood that leads to hopelessness or giving up (depression). While this cycle can be painful and disruptive, it makes sense from a nervous system perspective. The body gets tenser and tenser (hyperfocus) then totally giving up and lets go (loose). This creates oppositional forces that ultimately balance each other out. Of course, it’s not a sustainable way to maintain balance. So, we work on changing the depression where it starts, which is in an anxious state. When we lessen anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms also lessen.

Should parents be included in teen counseling?

The short answer is yes, but not with your child in sessions. Parents and caregivers are vital to a holistic perspective and 360 support for a child. But, it is also essential that teens have privacy. For therapy to be successful, teens have to be able to feel like they can trust their therapist and that their therapist won’t disclose everything they say.

Good teen therapy balances privacy for the teen and quality parent collaboration. The ultimate goal is to help teens and parents work together. We understand that you are concerned about your child and you want them to be successful in therapy, but we won’t disclose what your child tells their therapist unless there is a risk to their safety or others. We will give you general updates about their progress. The exact details will vary for each family. But, regardless of the details, know that we want you involved in your child’s life. You will always be their biggest resource.

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