Jess Chambers MA LPCC


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Jess Chambers (she/hers) has decades of experience helping children and families. She has always valued living out her values of supporting people in getting the most out of their lives including children, familes and adults. Jess has spent hundreds of hours with children specifically in counseling as well as other therapeutic roles. Jess knows kids. Jess’s understanding of the fundamental needs of children and families and the skills that support them not only allows her to be an asset to children but also to adults. Jess can support parents well because she is able to put to words the child’s experience that they themselves can not articulate but would act out in therapy.

As a therapist who works with both young children and older children working through adolescence and young adulthood, Jess is especially insightful because her breadth of knowledge expands the entire arc of life development. Since we were all children at one time, it can be especially helpful to parents or young adults working with Jess that she has a unique understanding of the whole person including how our childhood informs our adulthood and the skills that move stuck aspects of us effectively.

Jess' experience

Children, adolescents, and families experiencing big feelings or expressing big behaviors as well with relationships challenges within the family or in outside relationships. Jess specifically works with ADD/ADHD as well. Some children or young adults ‘shut down’ when they experience big feelings, Jess is skilled at helping folks in this situation access their feelings and needs and support them to establish agency in their distress.

Jess Chambers' specialties

Jess has worked with children, families and young adults for many years. She has been immersed in studying child-centered play therapy. She has a breadth of working experience working in many types of support and therapeutic roles with children and families. Jess brings in a unique level of understanding, empathy, and compassion for people who are struggling with behaviors and symptoms driven by big emotions. Jess is skilled in treating a wide variety of challenges and behaviors that present in children and teens as well as in collaborating with parents and caregivers around treatment and skill building.

Jess' style

Jess’s primary approach is to help children and young adults increase their awareness of their bodies feelings and to build skills around what to do with different feelings so that they can tolerate more feelings and move through tough stuff. When we feel better, more calm or peaceful we are able to make other choices. Jess Chambers believes that we are innately able to move through anything in life with support and skills. When we are more aware of our feelings, body sensations, and overall experience we have more control and ease. We can increase our tolerance for distress, increase self-confidence, and decrease challenging behaviors and symptoms when we build awareness and skills in supportive environments.


Individual first session 60 min. $192
Individual regular session 50 min. $160
Couple/Families first session 75 min. $281
Couple/Families regular session 60 min. $225