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Brighter Spotlight with Gennifer Morley

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Meet Gennifer Morley of North Boulder Counseling in Boulder

Discussing mental health that is highlighted in a new podcast called ‘S-Town’, produced by Serial and This American Life

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Teach yourself how to like things you want to learn to like, in this case, healthier food.


Gen interviewed here about work life balance

Yahoo Lifestyle

Gen interviewed here by:​ Alli Hoff Kosik BRIT + CO about work life balance.
10 Signs You’re More Stressed Than You Think


Gen interviewed with: Jeanette LeBlanc about “How to Be an Entrepreneur Without Destroying Your Personal and Family Life”
How to Be an Entrepreneur Without Destroying Your Personal and Family Life

Geek Talk

TNT – Overreacting: how our brains trick us Powder Keg Brewing Company, Niwot, CO TNT with Gen MorleyOverreacting: how our brain tricks us into having big responses to little stimulus. From fight or flight responses with our own family to panic attacks in the grocery store, how do we become instantly irrational? How the brain and our life experiences set us up to be fooled and what to do about it.

Gen is the director of North Boulder Counseling. She became a counselor after years of working in hospitals, where she realized she was more interested in the psychological intensity of medicine than medicine itself. She received her Master’s degree from Naropa University and has since been researching and working clinically with the intersection of neurobiology and counseling.