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Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Boulder, CO

How your mind can change your mind. Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Boulder, CO can help you achieve this.

So the word mindfulness is everywhere these days. Why is it so important for effective counseling?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is bringing more awareness to what we are doing, how we actually feel doing it, and what we want. Mindfulness is noticing more of our experience so that we can consciously consider it. And, maybe come to have other choices about what we do, feel, and even think. Around 80+% of our thoughts and actions are entirely habitual. That means we are doing, thinking, and feeling is on autopilot. This is mostly awesome and a superpower of our brains. But, it can be a huge liability if our thought, feeling, or behavior habits aren’t making us feel very good.

Why Is Mindfulness Important?

At least once, you’ve picked up your phone to check the weather. Then, twenty minutes later, you realize that you’ve been sucked into a social media or email hole. And, this happened without you even realizing it. This is the opposite of mindfulness. It is also fine. You don’t have to become a new person. Mindfulness is a way of using our own awareness to notice habits of thinking and feeling that are behind painful behaviors. So, we can come to painful behaviors with a greater understanding. And, effect them at the root rather than simply trying with will power to shut them down. Will power sounds good, but it rarely works long term. For long term change, we need to remake the automated behaviors. This takes a while, but it is reliable and long-lasting. 

Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Anxiety in Boulder, CO

Do any of these experiences resonate with you?

  • You feel like you’re failing even though you work hard.
  • Most days, you feel unhappy or stressed out.
  • Anxiety and stress are keeping you from being happy.
  • You are doing all the ‘things you should’ but you still feel uneasy, anxious or defeated.
  • It feels like you just can’t stop stressing even when you try to relax.
  • You’re commonly overwhelmed by everyday life.
  • You often feel inadequate or uncertain.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy Can Help You Navigate Your Anxiety

If any of the experiences above sound familiar, it is time for you to start our mindfulness-based therapy. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy allows you to focus on getting to know your anxiety better. You probably spend so much time trying to avoid your anxiety because it feels uncomfortable. So, you really don’t know much about it. All you know is that you don’t like it. When you incorporate mindfulness-based therapy and pay attention to your anxious thoughts, you will learn a lot of useful information that will help you overcome it. Often, the best way to interrupt anxiety is by leaning into it. When you do this, you will learn that your anxious thoughts are not as threatening as you thought. In mindfulness-based therapy, you can expect questions like:

  • What do you feel in your body when you are anxious?
  • How is your breathing, your heartbeat, your vision?
  • What sensations do you notice that are outside of your body? 

Why is this Helpful in Mindfulness-Based Therapy?

These questions can serve as grounding points.  Essentially, they can serve as a “baseline” for us. Small things become helpful data points to address what the deeper pain points are. Doing so in a nonjudgmental manner can help you to verbalize them to your therapist. In addition, concepts discussed in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can be used outside of the session.  Often, you can use this when evaluating your habituated responses. For some, this like being annoyed and seeing what else is going on.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Boulder, CO for Teens

Are you a teen who lives in the Boulder area or do you love a teen who:

  • Decreased self-esteem, loss of motivation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability or being agitated often
  • Sleeping problems: too much or too little
  • A lot of stress or worry
  • Hyperfocus on relationships or isolating themselves
  • Extreme behaviors
  • Increased screen time and increased agitation around limiting it

Mindfulness-Based Therapy Helps Teens Build Skills

Mindfulness-based therapy in Boulder, CO is a great option. We specialize in providing teen therapy. So, we understand you and your unique experiences. This allows us to help in real ways. Teen counseling can help you (or your child) overcome symptoms of anxiety and depression so you can live your best life. Our teen therapists are skilled at really connecting with teens so you can make progress towards your goal of more happiness and less pain. 

Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Boulder, CO for Depression

Do you find yourself feeling:

  • Worthless, like you can’t do anything about it.
  • Guilty for just wanting to eat, sleep, and be alone.
  • Hating who you are these days.
  • Like you can’t stop crying, which makes you want to stay away from others.
  • A gut-wrenching pain, but no one understands.
  • Like life and the world around you are dark. You hate it, but you can’t change it.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy Helps Teens Build Skills

When used to treat depression, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy often includes a structured kind of mindfulness therapy called DBT- Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It’s a fancy way of saying structured mindfulness. It uses a specific reflection on the trifecta of experience: thoughts, feelings, and actions. Using mindfulness skills to gain insights on your currents habits of thoughts, feelings, and actions your therapist can support you in configuring out what are the priority pain points as well as the smallest steps you might take to get the most return.

As we said earlier, you don’t need to be mindful all of the time. You need to be mindful strategically. Our therapists are strategy experts when it comes to navigating where to best direct our attention (mindfulness) in depression experiences. Let us help you wake up to your own experience and the optimized moments of choice and awareness that might lighten the weight of ongoing depression. 

Begin Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Boulder, CO

Isn’t time to bring your mind into the game? Isn’t it time to have your life feel like your own? Our Boulder-based counseling clinic is here to help you on your journey. Starting mindfulness-based therapy in Boulder, CO can help you to become more intentional in the areas of your life that need it. When you’re ready to begin mindfulness-based therapy in Boulder, CO, follow these steps:

  1. Contact our counseling clinic to request an appointment.
  2. Learn more about our therapists and mindfulness-based therapy.
  3. See the wonders that await when incorporating mindfulness-based therapy.

Other Counseling Services offered at North Boulder Counseling:

Our trauma therapists at North Boulder Counseling have supported people with really challenging pasts and especially people who are stuck experiencing uncomfortable memories or feelings. We can help you find ways to make sense of your experiences by getting in touch with your own strength. This allows you to face the past and effectively care for yourself in times of deep distress. We will help you find the right pace for your healing so that you aren’t overwhelmed by your trauma. Our therapy team will help you find your personalized path to making your trauma history fit into a life you want to live.

Trauma work is far more effective and successful when you can do it with the support of an experienced therapist. While it is possible for everyone to move with their trauma with friends or family, it is also tricky when you don’t have someone holding the line to unbiased and loving support. Often people worry about burdening their loved ones with the intensity of their stories. But, you don’t have to worry about this with us. We are professionals and we can hear whatever you have to share and help you move forward.