Creativity creates a path through pain

I was excited to share the article linked below about Syrian refugee children using art as therapy as a path through their pain and trauma. Both because of the power of art and play to offer a path through our pain and because of the understated point in the article about human resilience and our drive toward wellness.

Have you ever watched a child draw or play for hours? They are solving problems, cultivating creativity and moving emotions. I do not want to idealize the life of a child. Really a child’s life can be incredibly challenging. Just think of the life events they meet each day with the limited skills and understanding of a new person in this life. It must be confusing and frustrating just like our adult lives can be. So course, they may need support in some cases, but it reminds me of how it is our human default to make every effort toward a life that makes sense and is satisfying in whatever ways we can find. This article reminds me that people hurt, people heal and everyone if working hard in their lives in whatever ways they can find to do well.

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