Number one thing to do when you’re going through hell.


Sometimes it’s our turn to go through hell. Whatever version of it you are going through, this will help. Fair advertising, there is no way out all together. You’ve got to go through. But, if you have to go through anyway, you may as well have one thing to focus on, one thing to be sure of.

The thing to do; Find people who love you. I’m serious. People who really love you and love you well. People who aren’t freaked out by you freaking out and who don’t need you to be okay.

This can take a bit. Especially if you haven’t been through hell before so you haven’t had to test your loved ones in this way. Be as open as you can, you may be surprised who the stand out people are in this category.

Then; let them help you. By help I mean, let them be near you, do things for you that you don’t want to do, and listen to you or be quiet with you. Drop your baggage about ‘not being a burden’ and just take all the time and care people will give you.

Being alone too much in the darkness of hell can really shake your sanity and makes hell so much more painful. You will need some alone time as you go through the very soul shaking darkest bits, but in between company (however crappy company you are to others) is important for your sanity and to feel loved.

Know it will be different eventually. Not soon enough and not tied up all pretty like a movie, but simply as a facet of time, eventually things will be change. When they are different and you can feel your self again, you will be glad that you didn’t go it all alone. This hell you are going through, will change your life forever. How lovely to let some people come through it with you and even better that they would.