4 Signs it’s time to Reduce Stress


Signs your stress is too high:

1. Feeling stress during things that would normally bring you joy.
What it may mean:
When stress is very high or goes on for too long, it can create anxiety, which is more complex and pervasive than stress. Anxiety begins to color our experience more thoroughly than stress and makes it difficult to see what is real or remember our highest values.

2. Finding yourself engaging less socially or getting less value from previously fulfilling relationships.
What it may mean:
Quality relationships and social engagements are a marker of a full and open life. Isolation can come from stress, anxiety and depression. Isolation can diminish our sense of worthiness and increase negative self talk without people we care about to distract us and support us.

3. Generalized hopelessness. If you hear yourself being generally negative and or thinking hopeless thoughts.
What is may mean:
Stress can also initiate depression. Stress over time can change how our brains process experiences that we may normally tolerate or even find engaging.

4. Changes in how you present and care for yourself and your space. If you find your hygiene, exercise, self care routines or care for your personal spaces are dwindling or inversely, you are becoming hyper vigilant about how you present yourself, you may be being impacted by your stress.
What it may mean:
It may be an externalized sign of overwhelm and a sign of diminished sense of competence and well being. To either let go of care routines or to become hyper vigilant in your appearances is a sign to re-assess.